MPG Indexing

Hi All

I hope this is the right forum to post this question. I have got a bunch of music videos in MPEG format. What I am looking to do is to burn these to a DVD or CD (thats the easy part) but what I cant seem to work out is how to create an index so that I can make my DVD player go straight to track 20 using the remote. Right now if I just burn to the disk my player comes up with a standard menu which only shows the first 6 tracks.

Any help in doing this would be greatly appriciated.


P.S If this is the wrong forum for this question please feel free to move it over…thanks

Author the mpegs in a good app like DVDLab.

Yeah, you need an authoring app. Two more: TDA (TMPGEnc DVD Author) and DVDauthorGUI (free but more difficult). Good luck.

Thank you

Well I am half way there. Using DVDLab I have managed to add 3 mpegs and have them link to follow one after another and to start to play when I put the disk in, but I still haven’t worked out how to create an index for each track, any help or guides here would be greatly appriciated


Try this:

I suggest first joining them all to one mpeg2 file. Then add chapter points to each track in the authoring application.

One great software to join different mpeg2-files (demuxed to elementary streams) is mpeg2schnitt.