Mpg editing vs burning

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a machine like on Matrix where I can just plug in and learn all this, but I guess I’ll have to do it the hard way.
Not long ago I bought a Hauppauge dtv 1600 to receive video, digital over the air signals etc. The ATSC program recordings are huge but I’ll go into that later.
The software that came with the card (Nanopeg editor) is functional at producing an MPEG file, but won’t burn to a DVD. The other video editors I had probably came bundled with some hardware I bought. To make a long story short I had troubles with all of them and am now shopping.
I actually made a purchase of Roxio 9 but couldn’t even get the program download WITH support. so…
Since I’ve been looking I like the idea of backing up my DVDs but I want editing features for TV.
I down loaded for trial "DVD Fab platinum. Is anyone familiar with the program? It loaded, seems to have copied the dvd, I see some files it put on the hard drive, but when I want to view it or burn it I get stuck on what to do. I’m open to suggestions for different software also.

down loaded for trial " DVD Fab platinum. Is anyone familiar with the program?

Thanks MysticEyes, You must have majic. I’ve been there, read that, but when I read again, I looked at the bottom section and clicked on mobile. Then the movie showed in a box and I could move on to other options like ipod etc. That’s when I realized I downloaded the mobile option program. duh. I’m a qualified newbie.

In case this will benefit anyone. There was no problem with my download. i had to copy the dvd as an ISO file then I could burn it.
What the heck is an iso file? More to learn. iso tupid.