MPG>DVD how can i fit 2 files of 6.6GB together?

hey i have a question, I just enocoded a vhs to mpg on my computer, using a DVD setting, and I have 2 files. The first file is about 2.7gb and the second one is around 4.8gb, 2 parts of the same show (its a live concert), and have the following stats:

Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 8000Kbps
Audio: PCM 48000Hz stereo 1536Kbps

are there any suggestions on making these files a little smaller without losing quality, or at least be able to fit the 1st and 2nd half onto one dvd… or should i just split the bigger file and make 3 dvds? or leave it alone and make 2 (i dont think the 4.8 will fit on a dvd…) someone suggested dvdshrink but i dont know how good it would be to share in a live trading community. i have used dvdshrink before and it works fine for dvd copies but i dont want to lose quality if i can help it.

if anyone can help id really appreciate it. I also have virtualdubmod, i tried encoding with either DivX or xvid and the files came out so pixilated it was useless. thanks.

Demux and convert the PCM audio to AC3, it’ll take far less space. FFMPEGGUI (free) can convert the audio. Then feed the elementary streams to whatever authoring program you use. It’s likely you’ll be able to get everything on one DVD with little or no compression. Your video bitrate is more than adequate.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, Ill give it a shot :slight_smile: also what do you mean by Demux? I just downloaded the program, and am converting the audio… then all I have to do is take the AC3 file and the MPG and author it right? and this will decrease the size? thanks again.

Demux=Demultiplex, separating the video stream from the audio stream(s). To demux MPEGs, I always use TMPGEnc -> MPEG Tools -> Basic Demux. TMPGEnc is an encoder, trial available. Let’s see, bbMPEG is free, it can demux as well. Probably lots more, maybe someone can suggest some?

I suppose you know you need to author the MPEG to make it play on a standalone? DVDauthorGUI and Rejig can do it, both free, they only accept elementary streams. Good luck. :wink:

Hey thanks, yeah Im good with the authoring, i have a few softwares that can do that so thats not the prob, this is only a prob for me now bc the files are so big! Ill give it another shot with bbMpeg, Ive used TMPGEnc, but for some reason the version i had the trial was out on the MPEG-2 (i know thats the ‘unfree’ part) so Im going to just try bb for now. OK so I think I got it, Demux the files, Im assuming that its going to split like you said to WAV and vid… and this is where I take the wav and stick it in ffmpeggui? thanks again i really appreciate it.

Ok for some reason i keep getting a “could not open” error from bbmpeg… im going to try TMPGEnc now…

Okay… I got “MPG file unsupported” from TMPGEnc,

wait… im stupid… i tried to open it :stuck_out_tongue: i had to go to MPEG Tools… alright lemme try this now… sorry :slight_smile:

YAY ok its encoding the sound part to wav. Now, when I use my dvd authoring program do I need to do anything else or will the program support the new AC3 when I make it? I plan on using DVD Author by TMPEG or Ulead DVD Workshop. Thanks again. I know I’m such a n00b.

ok i used Demux… should I have used the one called “Basic Demux?” I have an AC3 file, now when I split it was I supposed to split the vid from the audio or just have the audio split from the video? As of right now I only split the audio and the vid is still 2.xgb… if I did it right Im thinking Im going to try the prog you suggested DVDauthorGUI… so now if I use it I can just put the Vid in the video stream and instead of sourcing the audio from the video i use the AC3 instead right? Thanks again sorry for all the trouble.

sorry i meant “simple demux” not basic… i know you stated basic but i wasnt sure…

OK nevermind I figured it out!!!

I had to split the mpeg file into an m2v when i split the sound to wav bc dvdauthor told me it was missing the m2v. got it. ok thanks so much for all your help i really appreciate it!!!

hey im back.

problem again :frowning:

when i split the MPGs into m2v and wav the 2 m2v’s alone were over 4.7GB… I guess I’ll have to compress I just don’t know how to do it without killing my files.

The 1st m2v is 2.13GB while the 2nd one is 3.84GB which is way too big together to fit onto one dvd … i knew it wouldnt be easy

if anyone can help please do :slight_smile: thanks!

alas here i sit… with 2 m2vs and 2 AC3s and they cant even fit on a dvd :frowning: unless i just make 2 dvds… but is there a way that i can compress the m2vs?

Sorry, didn’t get back 'til just now. You’ve been busy. :wink:

Lemme see, and I don’t want to give too quick an answer. Personally, since it’s a VHS capture and your bitrate is so high, I think it could stand a little compression. What do you have, about 7.5 Gigs, and the audio’s PCM, UNcompressed, right? Now you have some practice :wink: how about starting over?

Go to TMPGEnc -> MPEG Tools -> Cut/Join. Join the two original files, save out a new one. Check it on a software media player like Videolan or Media Player Classic. It’s good? Demux it. Convert the WAV to AC3 in ffmpegGUI, a bitrate of 224 or over should be okay.

Open TMPGEnc DVD Author -> Create New Project -> Add Files. First add the m2v, then the ac3. The short way from here is: Chapter cut/edit -> Add -> Automatically insert chapters with the selected interval. How about 5 minutes? OK, now output, make sure create DVD folder is checked. Hit “Begin Output”. When done, open the folder in DVDShrink (get the latest version) and it’ll automatically compress to fit on a DVD5 blank. Burn it.

If you want to make a menu and select chapter points yourself, look here:

That’s what I’d do. Good luck. :slight_smile: