Mpg and Avi

What is the difference between mpg and avi formats?

In short:

mpg has standard resolutions and bitrates; it’s used for VCD’s and DVD’s

avi is the windows-format for video; you can choose and edit bitrates, resolutions, sound quality,… => in general, .avi gives you more options.

Because .avi can be “tweaked” more, you can usually get better quality and smaller files. The DivX codec alows you to compress very complex; it gives a very high compression for very little loss of quality, compared to mpg.

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[B]avi is the windows-format for video; [B]

AVI is not only fow windows, it is just a container format. It provides no compression on it’s own, you must use other compressors.

Although it’s quickly becoming obsolite (horribly misspelled), due to the advent of ogg.