MPG 2 Plug-In for Nero 5.5?

i need the MPG2 Plug-In for Nero 5.5.
i will burn in svcd.

It isn’t out yet:

Information about the MPEG2 Plugin

To record a Super VideoCD (SVCD), you need files in an SVCD compatible format. The MPEG2 Plugin will transform your video files into the format necessary for SVCD. This plugin for Nero is scheduled to be released in August 2001.

very nice GF. Imma gonna try it right now!

I saw the plugin at CDRsoft!

got it, tried it
seems to work

Originally posted by sarahjh69

got it, tried it
seems to work [/B]

Could you give me more info how to burn a svcd from an avi file with Nero? How long does it take to encode the file??

I just dragged a 45 min divx movie file (xxxx.avi) onto the svcd screen and told it to fit to cd.

movie took 4-5 hrs to encode and burn on my
athlon 1000@1330.

ended up with a cd that will only play in powerdvd,
failed to play in zoom player and windows media player.
also started off with letterbox widescreen and ended up
with anamorphic widescreen. Don’t have atandalon svcd player
to try it in, so can’t say if result is good or not.
Quality of picture in PowerDVD seemed pretty good!