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From Doom9’s forum “The future of DVD2one”

int 21h post (making reference to DVD2one):

They have to implement at least partial decoding for what they are doing, therefore they do infringe on a number of the reference patents. My campaign appears to be somewhat murky, so I suppose I will clarify. I am all for a company that wants to make money with software, if that company properly licenses that software. Why should I properly license a piece of software if the writers themselves don’t properly license the technology they use? And if they can’t afford for some reason to license this technology, they shouldn’t be in a ‘business’ environment (Read: XviD, etc.)


Do you have any comments about this? Can you clarify if DVD2one have to pays royalties to MpegLA as is post by “int 21h”? In my opinion, no because there is no decoding/encoding process, just transcoding…


i’an no laywer but i learned some things about dutch bussiness law for 2 years at school so i somehow know where we stand on this and i’am not going in detail here. It’s not apropriate and useless.
YOU as our customers have NO need to worry a single bit, that’s all you need to know :wink:

this is the reply i gave on doom9

Where does all this negativism comes from in our world? All this is based on rumours and nothing but rumours.

We are a serious bussiness who are running a company for over 4 years now so who says we don’t pay what we need to pay??

You tell me… :slight_smile: