Mpeg4/xvid player for under $100 USD?

Whats the best mpeg4 player for under $100? I have been eyeing the philips but it’s always sold out everywhere I look. Im looking for a player that also has frequent firmware/codec updates, and also one that is good at upsampling and downsampling resolutions. Maybe there is a website that im just not checking.

Thanks for any replied :bow:

One of the sites of DivX certified players:

Used xbox system with a softmod and xbmc, plus you can play games too :slight_smile:

Yup. UXE softmodded xbox does for a media center, plus games.

My advice is always go with the cheapest.

These players are too dependant on the chips. Philips dvp642’s chip doesn’t support QPEL. You may try dvp720 however it is not sold in North America. RJ800 seems better. But who knows? Divx6 is coming. New releases of Xvid come out very often. Chips are not going to catch up with the codecs. So grab a cheaper one.

BTW, I have a dvp642. It plays most of my stuffs, DVD, VCD, SVCD, Divx, Xvid etc. Only drawback is I have manually convert all idx+sub subtitles into srt. It plays crappy color of an 1.0.2 Xvid file too.

I just bought a Philips DVP642 from Target store in Nashua, NH.
Its also available for order from

IMHO, the best option is definitely a modded XBOX. It will play far more than any DVD Player can, not to mention that it keeps being updated so the amount of file extensions you can play can only go up, whereas with the other options, you would have to buy another expensive machine. With Auto-Installers that are now available with XBMC pre-installed it is a snap to get XBMC up and running on a modded XBOX. A used XBOX that is modded will probably run you about $200USD or a little less. However if money is really tight and all you care about is the ability to play most Mpeg4/Divx then I agree that the Phillips is the way to go.

Bought the Phillips DVP 642@ Amazon for $63.00 free shipping.