Mpeg4 to mp3




here is a situation…

i have wu-tang album and i rip it to the hdd with itunes then i try and put it in my mp3 player but it does not read it so i go on propties to see what format it is and it says mpeg4 and i cant find a converter anywere!

what do i do?



Is this a music video ? You can use Virtualdub (free) to extract the audio and compress it to mp3.


no its really wierd its a normal song!!!


Delete it and rip it again but before you rip it this time, make sure I-Tunes is set to rip to MP3 rather than MP4.

By the way, you should really use a better tool than I-Tunes in the future…


lol why?

thanks i will try that and get back to you.


Here’s an easy way to convert that file of yours. I was having the same problem with my PDA. Here are the steps:

All you do is go into iTunes;
Go to Edit, Preferences
Click on the Importing tab
Under “Import Using,” select MP3 Encoder
Hit OK
Next, right click on whatever song you want to convert (I usually create a playlist of the songs that I want to import onto my PDA, then just go into the playlist and select them all)
Then Left click on Convert Selected to MP3

Taa-Daa, that’s all there is to it. Now you just through that playlist into your PDA, and your ready to jam out! And just a personal opinion, the iTunes software is very versitile…if you know how to use it! :wink:


Just create a playlist and go to advanced menu option and choose convert to mp3…


yeah i have itunes and i went to advanced but it only saus “concert to AAC” but no convert to mp3

any suggestions


lol. How old is this thread?


haha its reaal old its like a year old and its real funny
but i still need help so yeah…


Hiya, don’t know if you still need help but in case you do, here’s to go about it. In iTunes, go to preferences and select the Advanced tab. There, go to Import. From the drop down Import As select MP3 format and you’re done! Now you will find the option Convert Selection to MP3 in the Advanced menu.


(also what was explained a couple of posts ago, I see, sorry for that…)


Answer to the question is: Don’t rip to MPEG4 in the first place! Sure, you can convert MPEG4’s to MP3’s, but you’ll lose sound quality in the process!

Instead, use a good CD ripper like CDex and a good MP3 encoder like LAME. Although iTunes can make MP3’s, it’s not nearly as good at it as a good ripper with LAME.


Hi everybody. I’m trying to import an audio file into Cubase sx3 and apparently it’s not recognizing mpeg4 files (the file I want to import is mpeg4). I followed the steps in itunes, converted it to mp3, it says it’s converting etc and then the little ding sound plays, but it’s still an mpeg4. Any ideas? Is there a way to get cubase to recognize mpeg4 files? I no longer have the cd that this file came from, so re-importing it is not an option. Thanks again.


WHY don’t you contact the author of the program??



I also have the same problem! I stupidly bought an album on itunes and can’t do anything with it cos it’s in an MPEG4 format and i need it in MP3.

However, when i follow the above instructions itunes says i can’t convert to MP3 cos it’s protected! Am i missing something? Surely if i purchased it i can do what i want with it!

Please help, promise i won’t use itunes again!


Surely it’s not that easy.
Does that audio have DRM?


Sorry, I don’t think I was clear…I don’t think Cubase can work with mpeg4 files, so I’m trying to convert the file to mp3, but the method described above does not work for me. Itunes says that the file has been converted etc, but it remains mpeg4. I followed the directions above…is there another method to convert mpeg4 to mp3?


mpeg4 aac then, or?!

Then you would need a tool like


Bottom line: If you’re buying whole albums, to Hell with iTunes. to Hell with all online services. Just buy the CD. That’s your best investment.

Online music stores are best for buying individual songs. They’re looking to lock you in to using certain MP3 players anyway.