MPEG4_to_dvd/.avi HELP

I’m having problems Writing mpeg4 to dvd, or even converting it to .avi (If thats possible even) I’m Having Trouble converting it. Im trying to use favc But I’m at a dead end. I have The latest avi synth, AND net framework3.0 And It STILL says I need codecs.

These are the Stuffs I’m Runnin

and DVDfliclk

I can watch Mpeg4 on nero9 So I’m asuming that I DO have the codec, then again I’m new to all this.

What are the exact error messages that you get?

What codecs are used in the mpg4 file you have? If you don’t know, open it with MediaInfo or Gspot video utility.

Its Says That The Program Could not Convert because there were either the wrong codecs, or I don’t have framework 3.0 or the latest ver of avi.synth

You get a similar message in DVDFlick? It uses a different encoder than FAVC.

It is easy to get codec conflicts on a system. Harder to get rid of them. Have you installed any codec packs? They tend to be the source of such conflicts.

Use Gspot on your file as recommended,so we can see what codec is needed…FAVC needs NET.framework v2 and at least 2.57 Avisynth…


g-spot wont tell me the codec

Ok I used g-spot to do a solution test and i got this error msg also. Can I trust this? should I uninstall re-install quicktime?

Warning: DirectShow crashed while attempting to render this file.

This is usually due to damaged, misconfigured, conflicting, or poorly written codec drivers. It is possible, perhaps even likely, that other media players will crash when they attempt to play this file as well, as most of them will also use DirectShow. GSpot was able to intercept the crash, and has attempted to identify the codec or filter involved; uninstalling or reinstalling this codec or filter may solve the problem.

The codec was tentatively identified as:

C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\QuickTime.qts

won’t hurt to uninstall and reinstall it