MPEG4 movie

what do you think the medium will be called if mpeg4 movie is widely used ???

for example: mpeg2 movie on medium is commonly known as ‘DVD-video’

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The medium is not important in the MPEG-4 standard, because it was developed for a multipurpose usage, e.g. streaming in the internet (live or from MP4 files), local storage on HDD or DVD or CD etc. The main thing is that it enables the transport and composition of true multimedia content, be it MPEG-4 video, AAC or MP3 audio, 2D or 3d animation, user interactivity and so on. All this is handled by a scene description (in binary format called BIFS) that is part of the MP4 container format as well as single Object Descriptors for all elementary streams in that container (OD). See e.g. the FAQs about MPEG-4 and/or its different parts like Systems on the official MPEG homepage: