Mpeg4 encoder

Hi all,

I use Nero and would like to know about Mpeg4 encoder, can i download it to work with nero.

What do you want to accomplish?

AutoGK works well if you’re working with DVD-Encoding. You need to decrypt the DVD in IFO mode but it supports batch processing and also let’s you choose audio tracks as well as subtitle tracks. I haven’t figured out the subtitle tracks yet (Kill Bill: Volume 1) on how to keep them in the movie.

Sorry I should have explained better. I have nero and if i try to play a dvd using nero showtime, i get a warning or message trying to sell me mpeg4 encoder/decoder to play my dvd.
Also using nero I want to burn to dvd using this mpeg4 encoder, is it better. Sorry if its a stupid question, I am new to this.

Do you want to play a video on your pc?

[QUOTE=Garrycs69]I have nero and if i try to play a dvd using nero showtime QUOTE]

I use Nero 6.3 and have no problems What version are u using also have u downloaded nero updates ??? available free from Ahead. just a newbie here but may help as mine works ok after updates were installed