MPEG4 Encoder faster than DivX?

I need a very fast MPEG4 codec for capturing and DivX is too slow. Are there faster solutions with the same quality?



What about Nero Digital? I know the AVC is super slow, Divx is probably 5x faster than Nero AVC, but the non-AVC MPEG4 would be worth a shot.

Someone must have benchmarked all these and posted the results somewhere.

Also Divx and Nero are not free, XviD is.

Plextor has a hardware MPEG2/MPEG4 box that might be worth investigating.

XviD @ quant 4 works decently on my AMD XP 1800+ capturing at DVD-res but every other other feature has to be disabled.


Speed of capture usually depends on processing power of the Cpu and not the codec itself. So theoretically you could capture to Divx and call it fast on a 4 Ghz PC with everything running swimmingly. But when you cap to any compressed format such as Divx, Xvid, mpeg etc you will have problems. So try capping to Huffyuv(2:1)/ Lagarith Avis. These are relatively uncompressed(maybe at the most 1:2 compression or a little higher. In this case, you wont need to turn off anything.

Downsides: Huge files. Need a fast HD(preferably 7200 rpm with a huge amount of space).

Hope this helps.

PS: Perfect caps with no frame drops is the result.

Speed does highly depend on codec, not all uses the same compression type and even if they do there may be significant difference in performance with some (just look at all mp3 encoders). In case you didn’t know Lagarith is very slow and XviD is for instance faster even at a quantizer as high as 4. And why would MPEG (1/2/4) compression cause problems at all for capturing (do you even capture yourself?). The only downside is if you’re going to do some editing/postprocessing is that you have to do a lossy --> lossy conversion. And what is ‘relatively uncompressed’? HuffYUV compress roughly about half of raw size and Lagarith a fourth…
And let’s kill this ‘you really need a really really really fast HDD for capturing’ rumor. HuffYUV needs about 6-8Mbyte/s sustained data transfer (30-40% CPU load), this is no trouble at all even for my old IBM Deskstar 40GV (5400 rpm) which was released back in 2000. XviD at quant 4 runs about 600kbyte/s utilizing around 80-90% CPU if I’m not mistaken (I dont have the numbers in front of me). Lagarith runs about ‘100-120% CPU load’ so there’s no point for me to use it unless I like frame drops and desynced a/v. These numbers are from my AMD 1800+ capturing at 720 x 576, 25 fps.

With my system I can capture full D1 mpeg2 without any dropped frames. If I use xvid or divx I get dropped frames. I have the ATI AIW 9000 pro. I use ATI MMC. This setup does use a combination of hardware and software (hybrid)to encode. If you are gone to do alot of caturing to mpeg4 I would seriously consider a harware encoder like Plextor. Captures on the fly with little resource usage.

Hi DiiZzy,

I DO happen to capture a lot but that’s exactly my point that you proved in a previous post

“every other other feature has to be disabled.

I do not want any features to have to be disabled on my m/c and I happen to have P4 1.5G. Most people like to get some other things done at the same time as capping, which in my case happens to be browsing the web, downloading etc. Also when I’m connected to the web I prefer that my AV is ON. But due to the cycle stealing nature of all AV packages(hope you understand), 80-90% CPU usage would essentially mean a crash on encountering a little bit of static/macro blocks etc. I have done this and I DO happen to know what I am talking about. Thanks for clueing me on your ABUNDANCE of knowledge…

I just gave my opinion to the person who needs it. It’s up to him to find out which way is the best. And I would really appreciate if you GAVE yours to the person who needs it instead of preaching to the choir.

Hi DiiZzy,

And by the way aren’t we getting a bit personal. I mean I too do capture with 0 Frame drops and perfectly synced a/v. So since both of us get the same result, let the guy decide which is best for him, “relatively” does mean in relation to other codecs. Just thought you should also know that Lagarith and Huffyuv spit out a lot of data depending on the bitrate/res of audio and vid selected.

hi all, hope i am in right place…did searches but will post question here -
regarding the encoding speed i want to know if there is something i might be doing better/faster for the following -

(1) i record TV shows and movies using an Avermedia card in my pc.
(2) use roxio dvd builder to encode (it shows encoding at 31-33 frames per second) to dvd and then burn using same roxio program.


@ unicorn23`
If you “capture” what about this statement?

But when you cap to any compressed format such as Divx, Xvid, mpeg etc you will have problems.
It’s pure bull… Just look at WinDVR for instance.
As for Lagarith and Huffyuv they dont do a thing with the audio so it doesn’t matter at all (…). Resolution does on the otherhand matter and it’s common known to use as high resultion as possible and then resize afterwards if needed. ( Most software/hardware capture cards dont go over DVD resolution unless you have a HD-DVB capture card but then you should just save the transport stream which is another story.