MPEG4 burner, what to use?



I was wondering, do I need a DVD/video burner to make MPEG4’s play in a DVD player which does support MPEG4? I tried using Sonic Record Now, but that only burns data onto DVDs…is that different than using a video burning app? I only have Sonic Record Now at work, and wanted to burn about 10to15 MPEG4s on a DVD to be watched in DVD player…so is that right, that I cannot use the data burn to be able to watch the movies?

Is there any free software that would burn the MPEG4s to a DVD so I could watch them on a DVD player?



You will need a dvd burner to burn to dvds. But normally you burn avi or mpg4 files as data. You just need the right file system. Divx and xvid are normally burned using ISO9660 + Joliet.

Try using ImgBurn. It will warn you beforehand if you are using the wrong file system for the type of files you are burning, and will change it to the correct one if you allow it.

ImgBurn is free to download and use.

Edit: By the way, ImgBurn is only for burning. It won’t compress anything, so 10-15 mpg4 files might be more than you can fit onto a single layer dvd. Depends on the size of the individual videos of course. You can test the size of your compilation in ImgBurn by clicking on the calculator icon after importing the files.


Hmmm, its been a while since I tried to burn just an mp4 file and ImgBurn didn’t give a warning about wrong file system on it when using ISO9660 + UDF. But it did so on an [B]avi [/B]file using the Xvid mpeg4 ASP video codec. So you may not get a warning with files using .mp4 or .mpeg4 extensions…only on the avi format.

In any case, ImgBurn is very good burning program, and you should be able to burn the videos and play them back on a dvd player that has mpeg4 support.


Ok, they are music videos, not too big.

In ImgBurn I selected ‘Write files/folders to disk.’ I hit the ‘Browse for folder’ option then and selected the folder where I have the videos located. When i tried to play this DVD, I got a ‘unsupported video type’ error. Got the same error when I browsed for file and selected all of the files.

Basically, what is the best way to get these MPEG4’s to play on a DVD player?


EDIT: Didn’t see your second post until after I posted this. Is there a way to convert them to AVI first? Or what is my best bet? They don’t have to remain MPEG4, whatever works in a DVD player, preferably any…but I was informed this DVD player supports MPEG4’s


I’m not familiar with mpeg4 support on a stand alone player, so I’m just guessing. Did you select the folder or the individual mpeg4 files to burn with Imgburn? What is the file extension of the video files? Have you checked them with something like Gspot to see which audio/video codecs are actually used?


The dvd players I’ve seen with official divx support play avi files burned as data. The video codecs used are divx or xvid, and the audio is usually mp3. You should look in the manual of your dvd player and see if there are specific settings necessary for these files.

I’d examine the files you have now and see what is in them. Use either Gspot or MediaInfo.

It is quite easy to convert .mp4 files over to .avi files. There is a free tool called AviDemux which can do this. Import the file into AviDemux, set Video to Mpeg4-ASP (Xvid), set Audio to MP3 Lame. Set Format to AVI. Make a new file name for the converted video and make certain to put an .avi extension on the name. Click on File–>Save to start the conversion.

You can adjust the xvid and mp3 encoding settings by hitting Configure once you select them. If the videos are already compliant to what you need, and you just want to put them in an avi container, you can leave the Video and Audio settings on Copy.