MPEG2 Trimmer



Hi! Does anyone know of a good MPEG2 trimmer / splitter? Need to chop the start and end from a file hopefully without re-encoding… Thanks!


Womble MPEG-VCR is the best! I just bought it last week and it does exactly what you want (why I bought it too).


Many thanks! Downloading now to test…


Does anyone know if it possible to cut (delete) a segment from the middle of an MPEG using Womble MPEG-VCR? :confused: I have selected the part I wish to delete but I only seem to be able to cut from either side!


Hmmm! Another problem with the Womble! If I open an MPEG 2 created with my Nebula TV card. It plays fine. If I edit or even just re-save the file, the audio is out of sync. Any ideas?


To many a/v sync problems when trying to cut mpeg2 files, a constant problem

MPEG-VCR will only cut off the ends. So to cut ou a bit in the middle you need to cut off both ends (minus the bit you dont want, and re-join them.

TMPGenc can also edit/trim MPEG2 files but can also have a/v sync problems. M2-Edit is another excellent, yet expensive, mpeg2 editor.


Thanks Chicken Man! Has anyone tried MyFlix XE (M2-Edits little brother)?


After trieing various tools (and getting only unsync files :Z ) i have made good results with TMPEG DVD Author. Of course you will get vob files in the end but you can easily split them afterwards with smartripper.


Originally posted by rendez2k
Thanks Chicken Man! Has anyone tried MyFlix XE (M2-Edits little brother)?

Only a long time ago, cant remember and I dont have it anymore.