MPEG2 to DVD+R help please


I have just bought the Adaptec Video! DVD Media Centre to back up a load of Hi8 family videos to DVD.

The capture & quality of the MPEG2 that the Videoh capture thing does is fine … all video & audio in sync etc. However, when I (apparently) have to use SonicMyDVD to burn the dvd disc, the sound goes out of sync by about 5 seconds on a 45 minute video from the camcorder (the audio finishes first while video is still playing).

I have just downloaded a trial version of Womble which is supposed to fix problems like this, and doing a preview of the Videoh! capture shows no sign of going out of sync.

Where is the problem? Is it the SonicMyDVD throwing the video/audio out? Is there a (simple) way of sorting this out so I can basically dump the MPEG2 onto a dvd & have it play “note for note” on a standalone player? Or do I have to go through all the encoding that I have grown to fear as I have so many Hi8 tapes to do :eek:

Any help would be most gratefully accepted.

I am not really too worried about video quality as such, just to get the video & audio in time would be enough for me.

Thank you hopefully in advance


what is it that u r left with after the encoding ? a video_ts folder with vob, ifo and bup files ? u should try another burning app. see what happens