Mpeg2 or mpeg1

ok i joined my 2 mpegs into 1.
i used tmpgenc to convert the 2 avis to mpegs in the begging.
i converted them as vcd ntsc mpeg-1 file with tmpgenc under the 48 kHz for the audio and thats it.
the file is joined together now at 821mb.
i have a few dvd-r i just bought with 4.7gb on each one.
i was wondering waht program i can download to burn this vcd ntsc mpeg-1 file to a dvd-r.

please help!

is this correct?
i heard that if you burning mpeg file straight to dvd-r your better off converting it to a mpeg-2.
well if so. im using tmpgenc and i wanted to know which exact mpeg format i want. theres different types of dvd mpeg-2 formats.
like pal ntsc that kinda shit.


Use the Wizard Feature. If you live in North America or Japan, select NTSC. If you live in Europe or Australia, select PAL. Choose the appropriate bitrate you want in order to fit the video on the DVD (You should choose the maximum possible which still allows it to fit). Then, simply follow the rest of the steps in the wizard. If you don’t mind waiting twice as long, using VBR will also improve quality.

your reccomend under dvd in tmpgenc ntsc 16:9

see im sorry but i dont have the time for this. DVD for NTSC (North America and Japan) (MPEG-2 720x480 29.97fps CBR 8000kbps, Linear PCM 48000Hz 1536kbps)
it takes too long. 2 hours each part. theres 2 parts of the movie.

i have one joined together mpeg-1 file ntsc of the movie that is 821.0mb

will this be ok?

It depends on your source. However, in most cases, TMpeg should detect it automatically.

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding you. The file size is too big to fit on the DVD? In this case, you could compress the audio, or lower the video bitrate.

Since this seems to be one problem stretched over three threads, I’m going to merge them… Will get to your problem in one moment.

wait do i need to have a dvd burner?

If your input files are initially two AVI files, you should start by merging them (Use VirtualDub or Nandub to do this). Then, use the wizard in TMpeg to select The DVD-NTSC option. Choose CBR if you want a faster encode for worse quality or a longer encode for better quality. The next Dialog will allow you to select the AVI file you created earlier. It should also detect the proper source settings for aspect ratio. In step three, only change these settings if they apply to you (They probably don’t). In step 4, increase the video bitrate until about 100% of the disc is used. Press the Expert button and make sure that Motion Search Precision is set to “Motion Estimate Search (Fast)”. Click OK, closing the expert window. In the next step, choose the output file you want, and select “Start Encoding Immediately.” In a few hours you will have a DVD-burnable Mpeg-2 File.