If you put mpeg2 on VCD is it any better then putting mpeg1 on VCD or is it the same? The reason I ask is because I like the mpeg2 format for my movies but it takes forever to burn svcd’s. So I’m just curious if I’ll get the same results of burning mpeg2 on a VCD as I would on a SVCD.

Sorry this can’t be done - It is not part of the VCD specifications.

The VCD specifications is simple… It will only accept MPEG-1 352x288 for PAL and MPEG-1 352x240 for NTSC and using 1150kbit fixed rate. Your burning program will not let you do that and warn you about incorrect file type.

You will need to use SVCD, which supports MPEG-2 files and a higher bitrate (around 2600 max for video).

Another alternative is to burn an unauthored MPEG ISO disc, which is a data disc with the MPEG (.MPG) files, providing of course your DVD player supports reading MPEG ISO (not all of them do that) you will need to check on in the dvd player section and look for your model and brand.