Mpeg2 Join problem


I have a big problem with Mpeg2 video files I capture from my DVB card.First of all the lenght of the captured video files is wrong during playback and is not the real length of the file(time).I managed to fix it on my own system using open source mpeg2 splitter for playback.
But recently when I try to join two video files both captured from my DVB card and in mpeg2 format I get different unwanted results .
When I joined the two parts using DV-tool and MPG2Cut2 the result file length was wrong and this time it wasn’t even shown correctly ony my system using open soucre mpeg2 splitter!

I used ulead video studio 9 to join the two parts but trying different settings I always got a picture with a lower quality than my original mpeg 2 files and most of the times with notably bigger size than the sum of the two parts.

Using “AVI MPEG RM WMV joiner” I also got a very big file ,alot more than sum of the two parts.

Why such things happen and how can I join these two parts correctly ,both in terms of correct video length time and also file size??? What program should I use?Also is there a program I can use to make headers and thus shown video lenght of an mpeg2 file fixed?

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You cannot just “join” mpeg2 files even if there were recorded with the same program from the same source/program/TV station.

Why don’t you use TMPGEnc or TMPEGEncDVDAuthor???

I’ve recently had some movies that came as 2 parts in avi format. Joining these in Virtualdub didn’t give me synchronised audio so I converted the individual parts to mpeg2 , each of about 2.2gb. I then used VideoReDo Plus to join the mpeg2 clips & it worked perfectly. Can strongly recommend this app for this type of function. Bear in mind that the video bit rates were slightly different between the 2 parts but this didn’t matter.

I always converted the VBR audio to WAV and saved it, then combined both parts and transcoded to mpeg2/DVD.

Easy as it sounds.

Just use MPEG2VCR from it will solve all your problems.

Using the MPEG Tools in TMPGEnc works for a join for me :slight_smile:

great tips ,thanks all! Is there any way to resync the audio and video of an mpeg2 file?What I’m looking for is make the headers correct and thus enabling every player to show the real and correct video file length of time.
And what mpeg2 splitter do you prefer and use?I guess mainconcept is the best ,right?Where can I download it?

MPEG2VCR when re-muxing has an AV-Sync button to apply a +'ve or -'ve offset to re-sync.

MainConcept is at