MPEG2 fine, dvd audio/video out of sync


I am trying to capture a load of Hi8 analogue camcorder tapes through Apadtec Video! to my computer, then author them to VOBs etc. and burn DVDs to play on standalone dvd player.

Capturing the video gives me an MPEG2 which on playback, is perfectly in time (audio & video).

However, when I used SonicDVD that came with the Adaptec Videoh! Media Centre and burnt the DVD, the audio went out of time with the video by about 5 seconds (for a 40 minute video).

I also used uLead DVD Movie Factory 3 and TMPGenc DVD Author, which was better, but the audio was still out by about 1-2 seconds at the end of the video when burnt & played back on DVD player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have to give the Adaptec back soon! :frowning: