Mpeg2 files How do I burn......HELP!

I just got a Plextor 708a & now I just gotta burn something before I explode. I recorded the last 2 episodes of Star Trek Voyager from my ATI Wonder Pro (Both Xmas gifts aint I lucky) the shows where recorded in Mpeg2. Question is how do I go about this? Do I need a special program??? I want burn this in a dvd format as the 2 mpeg2 files are about 4.2gigs in total. That should go on 1 dvd if my math is correct. I would like to view the DVD on my home DVD player. (yup another xmas present)

I look forward to ALL replies,


They must converted to “vobs” before burning as DVD film.
Easiest way:-
Sling 'em in Tmpeg DVD author, layout your menu and chapters, then hit the “output” button and let Tmpeg DVD author go to work. Tmpeg will even burn to DVD if it supports your plexy.

Does Roxio Easy Creator 6 have the ability to convert Mpeg to vob?? If not where can I get a program Free hopefully.


Not too sure…don’t use it or any other burning tool that converts before burning to DVD. Its best to use an “external” tool to create a set of vobs before burning, that way you can check via WinDVD or PowerDVD etc to test for lip-synch and other errors before burning.

If you want something free, then you could try Rejig.

First use it to demultiplex your mpg into seperate audio and video streams, then use it to author them.

Forget about fancy menus or anything like that tough.