MPEG2 encoding on linux: what software to use?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently capturing from my Hi8 camcorder to burn it to DVD. Currently I’m using (so the ffmpeg codec set) but I wonder whether it is better to use something else. (perhaps is it interesting to switch to Windows or use Wine for this task?)

edit: Of course I’m trying to keep as much quality as possible, currently I fit 2 tapes on one Dual Layer DVD, which results in a videobitrate of 5800kbit/s

I’m not sure I understand what you want. If it’s video capture try VLC. If it’s conversion try Winff or Avidemux.

I’m currently working on Kubuntu, using Mencoder to transcode to MPEG2. My question: is mencoder (libavcodec) a good codec, or are there much better encoders? Is it probably even worth to switch to Windows for this task?

In the ‘free’ world, HCEnc is regarded as one of the best. I know there are a lot of Windows programs that can use it (AVS2DVD being a good one), IDK about Linux. AVISynth, maybe?