mpeg2->dvd--How Many HOURS?

I’ve been capturing video from satellite and burning to svcd for a short while now and had it pretty much down to a successful science. So I figured I’d move up to dvd. I’ve tried several different progs to encode mpeg2 to dvd and can find nothing that will do it in less that 4-7 hours??!! Is this actually how long it takes or am I just suffering from Cranial Rectitis? :slight_smile:
Thanks for any help!

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If you capture pictures in other formats than MPEG2 you’ll have to convert it no matter what…

There are quite some MPEG2 encoders out there, and there is a huge difference between encoding speed. Depending on the encoder, the duration of the video, and the capabilities of your system, the encoding takes time. The time you mention isn’t that bad. At my system (XP2700+ with 1Gb of PC2700) it sometimes takes more than 10 hours to encode a DVD to SVCD (with CCE SP, 4x Multipass VBR)

The best encoder I’ve found so far is Cinema Craft Encoder. It comes in two versions. A lite version (limited functionality and said to be slower) costs $250, the full version about $2000.

A good one, for a small price, is TMPegEnc. The results aren’t that good (and the speed is somewhat lower) but they are still very acceptable.