MPeg1 to DivX

Hi there, I’m need to the world of DivX and would like to convert a Mpeg1 movie to DivX, is there an encoding that will do this in one go for me like TMPGenc?

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VirtualDUB will do that for you, just load the mpeg1 file in, set Video to Full Processing Mode and Compression to DivX at 850 bps data rate… Set Audio to Full Processing Mode and set Compression to MP3 at 128 bps data rate
Then hit Save AVI… in the File tab. Sit back and wait until its done.

Hi Chicken Man, thanks for the info, but which DivX codec should I use? I have DivX3, 4 (low+fast motion) and 5?

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I would recommend using DivX 5.02 (the latest) as it produces very good quality and slightly smaller sized AVI’s than all previous versions.

I find that if the there is not to much fast motion in the video then use the DivX 3.11 Low Motion

produces the best quality