Mpeg1 >> mpeg2? for standalone player



Hi again …

I have searched (promise! lol) for exactly what i “need” here but not sure if I found the right tutorial/thread … so here’s what I want to do …

I have got a few music mpg’s (mpeg1 I believe) … Now, I’d like to do 2 things:

  1. Change the format so they will play on my standalone home dvd player, and

  2. Maybe put a few mpeg’s on one dvd+r disc to make a sort of “compilation”.

Are any of these possible?




Two questions, one answer.

The easiest way by far is to use a program like Nero Vision Express 2 (that comes as part of the Nero 6 package). Just add the clips, create a menu to for them and Nero will convert then for you :slight_smile:



I have got NeroVision within the Ahead (Nero) folder …

I started that up & it seemed to want to try to encode one of the mpeg1’s I had … is that par for the course?

Cheers for prompt reply



Yep, it will re-encode any MPEG-1 files as MPEG-2 to keep the DVD standard (and some DVD players might get confused and not play the file).

Depending on the speed of your computer and how many files it has to convert, it might take a few hours.

I would suggest playing around with the layout of the disc and
when your happy start the convert / burning process when you won’t need the computer for a while (like overnight).