Mpeg to video_ts

sorry if this the wrong place to post this q:
i normally convert my avi to vcd / svcd / dvd using tmpgenc and i’m quite happy/satisfied with it
now i’m looking for a software that will convert mpeg1/2 into video_ts w/o any quality loss (if possible) so that i can use dvdrebuilder to finally encode it and fit it to dvd5
i do this cause i normally try to fit more than 1 movie in a dvd5
any suggestion (comment?)

I’m sure you mean into .vob files and why twice the quality loss because of twice transcoding???

how else am i going to convert 2 avi movies into dvd
what method or program u recommend that will provide a good quality video

There should not be any re-encoding necessary providing the mpeg file is DVD compliant.

Have you considered DVD Author 1.6 ? Or better yet, DVD Author Pro, wonderful program, can even convert a DVD Video (entire VIDEO_TS folder) into a single MPEG (you choose the title you want to convert also).

You may try winavi video converter to convert your avi to dvd directly, and then select the created video_ts folder to burn without reauthoring it at all. Besides, it also support to burn to dvd5 and dvd9. You can find it here

how to download the software