Mpeg to mpeg2



hi there.

i have a single file: mpeg
what is best to use to make this dvd5 burnable and watchable on a standard dvd player

i tried nero, decrypter, and shrink and none of them recognise the format

thanx in advance


i also tried avi2dvd and again it doesnt see the file


I use a program called Ulead DVD Movie Factory 4 - $49 retail for the Standard edition. It allows me to open up most formats (provided I have the codec installed) and then it will convert the files to the proper MPEG-2 format and I can create chapters, menus, etc. and generate a DVD direct to disc or to a VIDEO_TS folder that I can burn with Nero. It is pretty user friendly, imo.


dvdSanta has the power and stability to achieve this.
It’s probably the best 1-click solution and it even auto-chapters the DVD that it burns.


I would like to back Nemesys’ opinion.