Mpeg to DVD

I have downloaded a movie shown as 2 vcd disks 1 and 2 when it downloaded via bittorrent to my harddrive they are shown as mpeg files I want to burn them to DVD format to play on my stand alone DVD player. I thought I could achieve this through Nero Vision express but I cant get it to work.
Can anyone take me through the process step by step.

What the movie? Different movies have different protection schemes, giving us the title might help in a faster solution for you than trying general approaches.

Ulead DVD Workshop 2 wil accept nearly all formats, including .AVI (Mpeg4) , VCD (MPEG1) and MPEG2 DVD and SVCD files. It will do all the necessary conversion of both audio and video, you can add menus and chapters, and it will create either .ISO, DVD folder, or burn to disc.

Get a trial from Ulead website, or by-pass the form-filling by going straight to their ftp site in IE6:
right-click on file “dws2_trial_e.exe” and “Copy To Folder”