Mpeg to DVD

hey everyone,

i have a mpeg movie on my computer that i want to burn on a DVD so that it’s compatible with my player. I’m not sure weather it has to be conveted, and to what format. Also, would the same process apply to AVI movies?


That depends on the Mpeg you have and the possibilities of your player.
If its Mpeg1 the best quality you get is with VCD, that you can write to CD~
If its Mpeg 2 you can build a DVD from it. The film files in a DVD have the extension VOB, but its just a special enconded form of MPEG2.
You can do it either a video editor (Ulead VideoStudio, Pinnacle, Magix,…) or with Nero or Roxio packages, for instance. Nowadays there are a lot around that can do it in a simple way.
You also have some freeware but tends to be less user friendly.

Have a look at where you can get ideas about software and tutorials.

yes, that solved my problem.