Mpeg to DVD



I have a few series of tv shows in mpeg format. How can i convert them to DVD format and watch them on my dvd player? My dvd player doesn’t support mpeg format?

Thanks in advance.


You could try VSO DivXtoDVD, it’s free:


Or NeroVisionexpress, if you’ve Nero!


Check your mpeg/s (Avicodec or Gspot both free) to see if they are allready a compliant dvd mpeg 1/2. If they are you don’t have to re-encode. Use your favorite dvd authoring program and author the mpeg/s and burn the result to a dvd/s. If they aren’t dvd compliant you will have to re-encode as stated above. Check here in the “what is dvd, svcd, vcd” section for compliant dvd specifications.