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I am using a Haupp card to pull video off old VHS tapes. I am using Ulead DVD movie also. Ulead saves in MPEG. Most of the tapes are in LP or EP mode and are over 7 gig each. I would like to use DVD Shrink to compress the file and put it on one singal layer DVD. DVD Shrink dosen’t read MPEG. Is there a way to convert MPEG to ISO or something DVD Shrink will read or is there another program I can use to compress the files. Can anyone help with this?



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To convert mpeg in VOB you need a DVD authoring software. Are you sure that ulead don’t allow it?

Anyway, you can use a soft like TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVD-Lab

I took another look at Ulead and it does save as ISO. I just didn’t see it. Thanks alot for the help!!!


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If you want better quality, you may want to consider breaking them up into 4GB files! That is what I did for all my old home movies!

Now that I’ve found out how to convert MPEG to ISO with Ulead. It chokes on files over 4.38gb. I get error messages that it can’t finish because of problems in the file. Am I going to have to split the files to 4gb like etp suggests or will TMPGEnc or DVD-lab write larger ISO files, say 12gb so I can use Shrink to fit it on a DVD-DL. I also have NERO express 6. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to write ISO files. I seems to only do MPEG.

I’m running into a similar problem with powerproducer gold. Tried to import an old mpg that was about 600 meg, the compliant video came out around 6.5gig, which was fine, my plan was to let it recode, then drag the directory through dvdshrink. After about 3 hours recodeing, it left a 4.3 gig directory. The 1st hour played fine, not out of sync audio, vid quality as compared to the original was same or better, but it cropped off last 20 minutes of the movie…

still need to tinker I guess…lol

ISO’s larger than 4 gig require if on a windows based box, that you are using ntfs, not fat32. Fat 32 is the native file system of win98 /95 /me. Many factory new xp boxes shipped as fat32 as well.

An iso is a single file, and fat32 has a hard limit of no single file being larger than 4gig. NTFS I think has this hard wall set at 1tb.

XP and winy2k both support ntfs natively, but aren’t always set up that way.

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ZigZagMan–ISO’s larger than 4 gig require if on a windows based box, that you are using ntfs, not fat32. Fat 32 is the native file system of win98 /95 /me. Many factory new xp boxes shipped as fat32 as well.

Thanks for the help. I am running ntfs. I’ve been playing with TMPGEnc Xpress. It does what I want, compress the MPEG files, but man is it sloooow!

What does everyone think about TMPGEnc Xpress??? Is there anything faster with the same quality?? I was also playing with TMPGEnc DVD Author to use as a authoring tool. It handles DL. What does everyone think about that program??

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All Pegasys products are very good. Too bad they are not free :frowning:

All these encoding softwares are really slow; if you want to speed up encoding the only way is to buy a more powerful CPU

Thanks geno888.

I guess I’ll have to live with the slow speed for now.

The more I use TMPGEnc Xpress and TMPGEnc DVD Author, the more I like them. Let me just run this by everyone and make sure I’m doing this right.

  1. I use the Haupp card to rip my old VHS tapes to my HD using Ulead.
  2. I use ulead or TMPGEnc Xpress to edit the MPEG.
  3. I use TMPGEnc Xpress to (combine and compress (if needed)) MPEG’s.
  4. I use TMPGEnc DVD Author to make the menus and then output the file
    for Burning.
  5. Burn the file with NERO 6.

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Good method :iagree:

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