Mpeg to AVI?



I have got an MPEG video (800mb) and I want to convert it to AVI, so i can encode it with the program “DVD2SVCD” and then go on to make a DVD.

Do you know any good tools that will do the job?

I have tried VirtualDUB but i get this error:



Is the MPEG file MPEG2 (SVCD or other), if so then you can use DVD2SVCD to encode it. Just rename the file to VTS_01_1.VOB and extract a VTS_01_0.IFO off just about any DVD. Thats a simple dirty trick I use that ALWAYS works for me :smiley:

If its MPEG1 (VCD or similar) then best would be encode direct to DVD using MainConcept MPEG Encoder. Going from MPEG to AVI to DVD looses to much and not advisable. MainConcept is good with VCD to DVDR with no visable loss in quality and its reasonbly quick. Just select DVD and stream type to be Elementry Video & Audio. Select audio mode to be WAV. It converts the 44.1khz audio to 48 automatically. You convert the WAV to AC3 ( ffMPEGGUI is good for that or the LATEST BeSweet) then just author in DVDLab, TMPGEnc DVD Author, Maestro or what ever.


Thanks, i think it’ll work… I load in the IFO file and it complains that I should load in the VOB files and gives me a window to browse to my file… But my VOB file isn’t there, so i changed the type of file it was looking for (VOB) to MPEG and i could select my file. Then it says analyzing file… Everything seems to work good after that. Don’t have time to encode it yet…

Thanks for your help again :slight_smile: