Mpeg problem

I am having trouble being able to transfer several mpeg files to vcd.
The main problem being that even though they are showing 100M plus for each file the viewing time of these files is only 2 minutes.I have previously watched these files on my p.c when i had ME installed and the length was 20 mins . I now have a new laptop with XP Pro installed and these same files only register approx 2 mins. Ive tried using many programs to convert to vcd but it seems to only show the first scene or chapter of every file.
just wondering if you have any ideas.

First off Im no expert but I would stop wasting cd’s

Try burning the vcd’s you’re trying to create to an image file then mount the image
using daemon tools or the like, if the image will play then burn the image to cd

hope this helps

Are you positive that the mpeg files that you’re trying to convert are 100% vcd compatible? For instance when you go to create a VCD with Nero, it will check the file to see if it is an mpeg 1 vcd-ready file format.

There are other utlities available to help check the mpeg files too, of course, this site may be helpful here

I also recall using a handy little freeware util called MpegProperties from a company called medialabs,which checked the mpeg headers & did much the same thing as Nero’s in-built checker. I honestly can’t recall where I found it though,as it’s been quite some time since I last did any vhs to VCD capturing/conversions.
Hope its of help, good luck!

That can be found here. :wink: