Mpeg issue

after cleaning up some music files the finished file says its an mp3 file but when i put the corsur on one of the files a box comes up and gives the
following info …item type mpeg layer 3 audio then it give a lenth and a
size…is this an mp3 file or what?i cant send it though email…


Mpeg audio layer 3 is another way of saying mp3. Your file should have an .mp3 file extension.

Is the file too big to send as an attachment in an email?

hi yea…i recorded my lps in 2 big files 1 and 2 because the lp has 2 sides…rite now im looking for an automatic track splitter…you know of one?

Cutting the files into individual songs is not something I’ve done. A quick Google search shows a few free tools for this, including Slice Audio File Splitter. It can split them by detecting silence between the tracks, or so the description says.

Like many of the free tools out there today, this one will try to install other stuff, so be careful not to select anything extraneous when you install Slice.


MP3 DirectCut is my favorite.