Mpeg in CD-R will not copy!

hi all, i just bought a plextor 16/10/40a. My problem is this :
I captured a DVD for backup, burned the Mpeg file into a CD-R, now when i pop the CD-R into my cd-rom and open the mpeg , it plays well with no problem in Mediaplayer, BUT when i try to copy the mpeg into my harddrive, it will take a long time to read and hangs after awhile.

What is the possible cause for this? Why would the mpeg plays but wont copy?

Thanks in advance if anyone could help

Bad Cdr in my opinion!

Have you played the file the entire length, or did you just watch the first few minutes of it? If not try to play the entire clip…

might be a damaged file. I agree usa_dewd, try playing the clip all the way thru.

The file plays well all the way to the end, the problem occurs only when trying to copy to hard-drive. I am now suspecting its the quality of the media used, as i pop it into a different computer using aMtrp 52x Cd-rom, it could copy BUT at a very slow speed (17 minutes to transfer 700mb).

The idea of using PLexTools to slow down the read speed of PlexWriter should work i guess, i havent tried because i didnt download any Plextor Softwares, i only load the drivers for it.

Thanks everyone for the info.


Is it a US plextor or european plex?

US plextor shipped with plexmanager software, which had a conflict with UTA 66 IDE controller card, there is a download on the US site… Not sure of european (PlexTools?) Might wanna look into updating it. But if it plays all way thru it should copy as well… If all else fails, try to make a ISO (image file) then extract it from a ISO program… Thats a lot of disk space and time, but if all else fails…

If you think it is the media the ntry to extract the file using CDR Diagnostic (search for it is is available for download!!) and try to pull it to your hard disk, this can save a lot of trouble but use good media!!! :wink: