MPEG Files To DVD Probs

Hi all, i have tried several times burning music video clips in mpeg and mpg formats to DVD .I have burnt these using InterVideo WinDVD Creator.The results range from good to ordinary.My question is it the problem with the media i am using which is +R mag media, or the standalone DVD player or the quality of the MPEG files.When viewing the burnt DVD on the PC they are fine but when viewing on the standalone some are fine and others are choppy and break up.Any help would be appreciated tks.

TV and PC screens use different ways to show the movie, most times TV use interlaced image formation.
So, you have to look at this and maybe also at field order of the Mpeg2 file to get the results you wish.
Obviously - your “footage” video and the enconder quality also define your final result.

Have a look here, for definitions:
And for more info, at:

Media format - DVD+R - can cause compatibility problems with some old home players but will not define image quality.

Your problem is typical of a bad burn caused by either poor media and/or the burner/firmware combination.

Sucsess!! I copied and backed up the burnt DVD through DVD Shrink and burnt a new Disc and it works perfectly on my standalone player.Dont know why but am happy.