Mpeg File Problem



when i download a mpeg file on some of them they will be rather large files that are suppose to be like 20-30 min videos. but when i try to play them it only shows 20-30 secs but if u move the bar to fw or rw it shows what is suppose to be at that spot just it still stops after the 20-30 secs


Um … download from what, using which program? What are program are you playing them with?

Are there updates available for your programs? It may be a known bug which has been fixed in update patches.

More info is required!


well download using a p2p program which right now is Ares but i use ares to play it WMP and Winamp and it does it on all of them


Try here …

Download the Klite Codec Pack, or The Klite Mega Codec Pack & install.

I’d suggest that the MPeg splitter/decoder installed in your system is either not working, or perhaps non-existant.


that fixed it. thanks alot :slight_smile:


for some reason it wasnt installing right kept talking about a dll file and some other stuff i skipped over it now my audio files mess up and i keep getting this errror bad directsound driver can you help me with that?


When you install, you will need to overwrite older files.

It would be a good idea to ensure that you are not playing anything when you install.
Other than that, you may need to install the latest drivers for your audio card.