MPEG Editor recommendation?




I’m looking for recommendations for an MPEG editing program.

More specifically, I’m looking for a simple application that can trim MPEGs (i.e. crop off parts from the beginning or end of an MPEG video).

I’m hoping to find something simple that doesn’t produce a file that’s like 10GB. It seems like whenever I find a video editing program, the output files are huge.

For AVI’s I use “AVI Splitter” which works great. Something like that for MPEG’s would be perfect.

Suggestions ?



Give mpeg2schnitt a try, it’s what I use to remove adds from tv programs I have recorded with my DVB-T card. Before using it you will have to demux your mpeg file first so you have a separate audio and video file.

I’m not sure but I think it only does mpeg2 stuff


AVIDeMux can handle MPEG2 files if you can put up with cutting on ‘I’ frames (~.5 second resolution). It also handles a lot of other formats, including most AVI codecs.


I use a commercial product. VideoRedo Plus. Very easy to use and accurate. Only downside is that it isn’t free.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll start checking them out today.

One other thing… what’s a good program for demux / re-mux ?



The free version of TMPGenc can mux and remux using the mpeg tools. AviDemux can do this as well.