Mpeg conversion

Hello all. I have a mpeg movie approx. 1.5G long. I can play it in vlc player and real player fine.I think it’s 2 files spliced together because when I try de-muxing in tmpge with mpeg tools it will only get to about 700meg and stop. How can you check for file properties such as audio bitrate or fps etc? I also cannot import this file into tmpge “file not supported” . Also will not open in vdub. I’m trying to burn this to dvd eventually but I’ve never encountered a file like this before.I changed environment settings in tmpge for mpeg to the highest setting but still no go. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks :confused:

Avicodec (free) will give you the info you’re looking for. Virtualdub mpeg2 (free) will also load an mpeg file and give you the info.

Or purchase TMPGenc Plus (which supports MPEG-2)…otherwise you’ll have to perform MPEG2 —> 2 AVI --> 2 MPEG1 (unless Nero manages to make the splitting for you).

Hi CrazyPete44,

My guess would be that the formats(bitrate/frame rate/ audio codec/res) on the 2 parts are different. Thus Tmpgenc encounters an error as while de-muxing the engine expects the same chars on both parts(full file). So what would be better is to split the file in another demuxer(which ignores the stream params) or to cut the file in the splice point(where Tmpgenc encounters the error( which is usually what I do in Mpeg2vcr(by finding out the error point in Tmpgenc and cutting the offensive/erroneous [stream errors could cause the same prob] part in Mpeg2VCr and generating 2 seperate clips) Then check the 2 Clips with Gspot/AviCodec. If Identical Params the just join again in Mpeg2Vcr( or if different params then recode to an identical output format.

Hope this helps. Works for me everytime.

Thanks to all. Did as Unicorn 23 suggested and it worked out fine. Sorry to get back so late. This stuff can be a bit mind bending at times. Thanks again to all

Very smart solution, Unicorn23’! I’d have guessed it (maybe I trust too much the people who creates that movies…).