MPeg & AVI to standalone DVD Player

Has anyone found a good program to convert Mpeg and AVI Files into a DVD that works on a standalone DVD Player?

I have tried several programs but have yet to find one that works with a degree of reliability. I would like to hear from anyone who has found a program that works and works well. The best I have found so far is DVD Santa & Ulead’s DVD Movie factory 3 but they are still hit and miss and I waste about half my blank DVD’s. I know nothing is perfect but I am looking for a program that gives you 80%-90% success rate.

Thanks in advance for your input……

I’d suggest:

  1. Checking your DVD Player’s compatibility with someone other’s burned DVDs. I can’t imagine how it sometimes plays 'em DVDs and sometimes just doesn’t…

  2. Buying some DVD±RWs so you avoid the wasting.

Thanks for your input glObalist :slight_smile: , the problem is not that sometimes it plays the DVD’s and sometimes it does not. Perhaps I should have been a bit more detailed in my question.

I have lots of movies in MPG and AVI format, when I use Ulead DVD Movie Factory, the software encodes the file(s) and then errors out with “the file or files are not compatible”. This happens to about 50% of the films; it takes hours to encode and then gives me this errors. The whole thing is time consuming and annoying.

I then started using DVD Santa and the first few movies I did worked okay but since I have had problems with the DVD’s simply not working and audio problems. The file(s) plays fine on the PC but when it’s conveeted and put in the standalone DVD the audio is out. This would be fine if I was watching a badly dubbed martial arts movie but does not cut the mustard while watching Star Wars.

I have had similar problems with Nero, and am beginning to wonder if there is a program out there that gives good reliability. There are three DVD players in the house and 99.9% of the time if it does not work on one of them it will not work on the other two. Good idea about the re-writers but my standalone only plays –R.

Is there anyone else out there with this problem? Have you yet found a good piece of software?

Does your standalone play dvd+r that has been bitset to -ROM? I found that helped me out alot when dealing with a panasonic standalone player. Also, burning at a slower speed helped out.

I have converted several .avis to dvd and I simply use ChickenMan’s guide. It works well for me.

Personally, I think the problem is the standalone, not the program you are using to do the conversion. Go to, click on DVD players at the top of the page and then search out your brand/model. Perhaps there is a better -R media that you can use.

Hope that helps.

Why do not buy a DVD player that can play MPG and Avi files? The philips DVP642 and RJ1000 do have this function.

Go with Roxio 2009. You can convert all files for best playback… :clap: Make DVDs/CDs. Roxio 2010 can make Blue Ray also.

I’d suggest AVS to DVD, a free program that wasn’t available 6 years ago, when this thread was started.

[QUOTE=Fabby;2503890]Go with Roxio 2009. You can convert all files for best playback… :clap: Make DVDs/CDs. Roxio 2010 can make Blue Ray also.[/QUOTE]

Why ressurrecting an SIX xears old thread …?
Why not using free software instead of paying for “roxio2010” …?