Mpeg, avi, to dvd+r

hello all, ive read all the threads and the tutorials and the answer to this has eluded me. What is a tried and true method to be able to burn avi, or mpeg onto a dvd+r to watch on a dvd player? For example, i download tv shows, and i would like to watch them on my dvd player. any guides or helps would be greatly appreciated! =))

For AVI’s/DivX/Xvid to DVDR then you obviously missed this Tutorial -

As for mpeg, if they are MPEG2 (or SVCD), then check out

yep, missed that one. Just a side question though, will the avi or mpeg file needed to be converted to divx first before using that tute?

A DivX is an AVI :slight_smile: (but not all AVI’s are DivX) so no conversion needed. Look at your DivX file, what is its filename extention ? AVI ?

That Tute only works for AVI/DivX, not MPEG files as they are a different format. I have not posted a Tute on how to convert MPEG to DVDR, I’m still playing with finding the best and easiest way to do it.

oh lol, sorry…i didnt know avi files where divX. Under file type it just says avi. Some say mpeg. Is it possible to convert mpeg to (divx) avi, then use the divx to dvdr tute?

Yep, load the mpg into VirtualDUBMod, set Video to DivX compression, set bitrate to about 1000 (for an mpeg1) or about 1500 (for an mpeg2), then save AVI.

cool, how do you tell if its mpeg 1 or 2?

ok i just got the virtualdubmod proggy and i dont know where to begin doing the steps you listed above, any guides on this software or can u help?

also, what divx codec or version should i be using?

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also, what divx codec or version should i be using?

Any divx codec you like, but you might want to check out for the latest.

There are many ways to tell mepg1 & 2 apart. One is to load the mpeg into Bitrate Viewer from