Mpeg+audio on cd?

I look for a solution for the following problem:

i have 2 audio tracks and one video-file. this should be on one cd.
the audio tracks should play on a cd-player, also on dvd-player
and the movie-file must work with the dvd-player
how can one realize that?

tnx, best regards.

harry, germany

pm please on or in this list

the best way of doing that is by making a MultiSession VCD, but i really don’t know how to do it… you’ll have to search in Japanese or Chinese VCD Forums (they know everything about doing strange things with (s)VCD’s) hehe

Sorry, but there is no such thing as a multisession VCD, even the Chinese havent invented that one yet :smiley:

Caution, you can get the 2 audio and the Video to play on a DVD Player, but not the 2 audio on a CD Player with the video on a DVD Player.