I have one problem: I got an 8 hour music-CD, wich is encoded in MPEG1-Format - I’m able to create an Image (nero) - but I’m not able to convert the ripped files to mp3 or wav. The CD was burned in data mode 2 (CD-I):

abstract - 1KB
bibliographic - 1KB
copyright - 1KB
exe8mut - 30KB
menu.grn - 109KB
MUSIC - 304.297KB
path_dbl - 1KB

Through reading of the sectors on the CD I found out that this files can be played on a hardwaremusicplayer called prodisc. I also know that the files were produced by an Mac OS System (CD-RTOS).
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? or does anybody know where I can find an CD-RTOS emulator? I spent a lot of time in searching by google - but found nothing - so … please help me =)

PS.: sorry for my bad english :wink:


Hmmm if it’s a standard VCD you can rip it to user data with ISObuster…give it a try. Download ISObuster ( and extract that music file but select it to transfer it to user data mpeg and see what happens. I know it works for basic VCDs.


Hi hqs - Thank you very much for joining my discussion - I downloaded IsoBuster an extracted the musicfile as you told me … now I tryed to open the extracted file with my audioediting software called wavelab 5.01 … which asks me for detailed informations … do you know what options i would have to choose?