Mpeg. and mp3. in a cd?

Can i create a cd which includes a mpeg. and 12 mp3. using nero?
If yes can you teach me how?

Burn your disc with the data disc mode. Then you can save/backup your mp3 and mpeg files to CD/DVD.

Useful tutorial found:

I putted them in ok but there is an x next to thr file name can you tell me why?

When you burn the 2nd session, the files with an X will not appear on the 2nd session. This is because the files have been moved since they were first burned from your computer or have been renamed.

If on your second session you have a need to access the files from the first session, you can use the multimounter tool and access different sessions of the disc. As default, windows will only access the latest session.

Another alternative is using ISObuster (free from and use that program to extract from all your sessions.

do you know any other ways that i can but a mpeg. and some mp3. into a cd which could be played on a cd player.