MPEG-4 (Nero Digital) to SVCD?



Hi everybody,

Newb here….I did a search and couldn’t find anything related to this problem???

I am using Nero with the latest version of Recode 2. I am converting my DVD movie over into the MPEG-4 format using the “convert DVD movies into Nero digital”, and specifing it to “fit onto a 80 min CD”. The final created file is about 700 megs.

I then load the “make super video CD” option and load the created 700 meg MPEG-4 file. The problem; the loaded 700 meg MPEG-4 file is now showing at 2218.3 megabytes not allowing me to copy it over to the 80 min CD??

Any ideas, or something I am not understanding??

Thanks for all the help!!!



I am pretty sure that this is happening because Nero adds the mpeg-4 file to the SVCD burn profile but since SVCD’s native format is mpeg-2 a conversion is necessary. After conversion, the disc size is much larger which will not fit on the disc and will not be played back by SVCD players otherwise.


I’d like to bump this thread back into existence. Is it correct to assume there is no way to convert MPEG-4 to MPEG-2, and create a SVCD that can play in generic DVD players? Can NVE be used for this?

Speaking of NVE … how do I get past “menus” without creating a menu? (i.e., a CD which plays in a DVD player straight away).

tia from another newb :slight_smile: