MPEG-4 clears the way for standarized DRM adoption

I just posted the article MPEG-4 clears the way for standarized DRM adoption.

DRM (Digital Rights
Management) is something that should protect content companies, like Disney and
the record labels against piracy, while still giving the consumer fair use…

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hope it works out. while drm sucks, its going to happen eventually, and i certainly would rather use mpeg4 than wmp or rp :r

DRM is not required or eventual, the music and movie industry believes us all thieves, I say we all get pirate hats and flags and show them how life would be with zero paying customers. But most people are sheep and do what they are told and everyone like that deserves to pay full retail. AMD & Intel’s next chips both have DRM built in, this could END support for free Linux and BSD (along with java and other anti Microsoft software) on the bulk of PC hardware, this will also prevent Microsoft from ever being displaced, as they will hold the bulk of DRM keys. Don’t buy anything with DRM, and tell your friends and family to do the same (or anyone who asks for computer help) Intel & AMD and others will cave in when they can’t sell there useless new chips. Otherwise your next computer will be as useful as a 1970s VCR flashing 12:00 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, whats 1970s VCR flashing 12:00?

When VCRs first came out so few people knew how to use them most didn’t even have the time set (and without the time set it could never hope to record your shows on time) This is why the VCR became a PLAYBACK format and not a recording format. VCRs or digital clocks that had not had the correct time set flash “12:00” blink blink think back before the internet I’m sure you have seen it. How old are you?:stuck_out_tongue:

Rivals of MPEG-4 are currently Real Media and Windows Media.
well, they are not really rivals. wma/wmv format has been created by MS, but mpeg4 is also supported by MS (their MS mpeg 4 codec, which the divx and xvid idiots stole from Microsoft and played with it till they totally phucked up the entire codec)