Mpeg 4->2 in quicktime. dvd studio no likey

i had some mpeg 4’s i wanted to put into a dvd using dvd studio pro. so i converted them to mpeg 2’s wit quicktime pro. When i insert them into dvd studio pro they are recognized but do not preview. when i try to preview them the preview screen opens and then quickly closes itself. any ideas?

This looks like as if your codecs of your editor does not recognize the MPEG2 format. Did you try to convert the MPEG4 to AVI and no compression? Don’t know how-to from your app, but this should be the best solution.

Forget Quicktime, your wasting your time there. Have a read here on how to convert your MPEg-4’s to DVDR.

I would assume that they are talking about actual MPEG4 (MP4) files though? Not AVI’s?

If you install 3ivx then you can playback MP4 files using any directshow player, you could also use graphedit to remux to an MKV, possibly also AVI. If you are going to decode then I would also get rid of the 3ivx audio filter and use coreaac instead, also ffdshow for the video.

I have downloaded and installed 3ivx and I still can’t playback my MP4 file with any player I have, I tried WMP, DivX, RealOne, Quicktime, & VideoLan… Can someone help me?

Nero ShowTime is probably the best MPEG-4 player. It seems to support most MP4 containers and has its own built in MPEG-4 decoder so there arnt any issues with external decoders.