Mpeg 2 to vcd

I have created an mpeg 2 movie from a dvd I own and would now like to copy it to cd media. It will all fit on one disk but the problem is that my Nero software which came bundled with my liteon rewriter tells me that I need an mpeg2 codec or something to be able to convert to vcd and that I need to change my license. However, not having much in the way of cash, is there a way around this? Is there a free program, or even a shareware program which is time limited which will do this for me?

Thanks again


You should not need to convert it to vcd just tell nero to make a SVCD. If it wants to encode then get TMPGEnc to re-encode.

Even if you manage to get it, Nero’s MPEG2 compression isn’t that good. I use DVD2SVCD. It uses either TMPGENC or Cinema Craft Encoder for the MPEG2 conversion, both of which are heaps better than Nero’s. Although CCE is a little slow - on my PIII-750 laptop it takes on average 24 hours or so solid processing to convert an average DVD to SVCD.
For ripping DVD’s to your hard disk, try DVDDecrypter.

Try for the software you need.

Converting a DivX to MPEG2 is a little more difficult; but it can be done.

Good luck.


If it’s already in mpeg2 format you can just burn it with nero or nero express as an svcd. (You can ignore nero’s messages about requiring a plug-in if its already in a compliant format.)