MPEG 2 encoder for Virtual Dub?

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Let me explain what i basically want to do. I have several avi files that i have started converting to either SVCD or MPEG2 Pal to use with DVD Lab and make them compatible with my standalone dvd player. Some of these avi files had no subtitles so i use Virtual Dub and the corresponding subtitle plugin to insert into the avis the missing subtitles.

Apart from the avis, i also have some SVCDs that have no subtitles. I can use Virtual Dub the regular way, but that would mean that i would have to reencode the mpegs to avi in order to insert the subs, and then reconvert the avi into mpeg to use with DVD Lab. That seems double the work while some quality will definetely be lost while converting.

I was wondering whether there is a way / mpeg codec for Virtual Dub that can be used to insert the subs into the svcd in full processing mode and maintaining it in mpeg form.

I have searched through the net but found no solution. I have come across and MPEG2 version of Virtual Dub but that doesnt seem to work either.

Any ideas?

Well, there may be an easier way (avisynth comes to mind), but you will not lose any more quality if you run your footage through Vdub, through your sub filter, and store it in HuffYUV (lossless). Then encode the HuffYUV footage into MPEG2.

But I would definitely look to see if theres a way to get avisynth to permanently add the subs to the video, then encode the avs with your preferred MPEG2 encoder.


Use avisynth and TMPGEnc Plus.

LoadPlugin(“C:\Program Files\Avisynth\Plug-Ins\VSFilter.dll”)

There you have your script which you can load into TMPGEnc Plus (using a plugin).

i thougth you could use virtualdub as a frameserver for tmpgenc ?

You can although I find avisynth faster to get started with.

Guys sorry for not responding earlier, was cought up with an exam. Thanx for the replies :slight_smile:

Geez i feel like an ubber newbie that just entered the optical storage forum :eek: Slow down a bit.

So i take it there is no way using VD to insert the subs without reencoding the mpeg file to an avi. I will try the avisynth / TMPGEnc Plus way, although i am not sure i completely understood the plugin / script concept.

So i take it there is no way using VD to insert the subs without reencoding the mpeg file to an avi.

Using only vDub your statement is correct although you can also use vDub to frameserve into an MPEG-2 encoder such as TMPGEnc Plus.
You might also be able to do a regular softsub on the dvd without re-encoding depending on which format the subs are in.

If the MPEg is ready for DVDLab authoring, the new DVDLab Pro now accepts subtitles. There is a 30 day beta trial available from thier homesite. Not sure what sub types it will import, though there is always Vobsub to convert them to what ever thats needed.