MPEG-2 crashing and other problems



Hey there,

I have the Nero OEM Suite that came with my new DVD burner. Unfortunately, attempting to play back MPEG-2, DVD VOB files, and so forth is quite problematic; in Windows Media Player and other players (like Quintessential Player), there’s no audio playback; in Nero’s software, it seems to work fine until the player reaches the end of the MPEG, at which point it crashes. As you can imagine, this is quite troublesome when it comes to editing the MPEG-2 video I’m wishing to compose a DVD from soon, and particularly annoying since I have to use Nero’s hideous “ShowTime” software to play DVDs.

In attempts to resolve my issues with MPEG-2 playback in Windows Media Player and other players, I’ve installed three MPEG-2 codecs. None of them got me anywhere. I even used Microsoft’s fabulous checkup utility for MPEG-2 codecs to manipulate the “preferred” codec in the registry, but to no avail. Interestingly, that utility does not see Nero’s codecs as being installed.

The OEM suite comes with Nero Vision Express 2 version, Nero Express 6 version, and Nero ShowTime version I know there are updates available, but I unfortunately am not blessed with broadband, so I don’t want to update unless I can get some feedback about whether or not the updates resolve this major issue that I can’t comprehend no notice of by the testers of Nero.

Anybody know what I should do?

Many thanks! :slight_smile: