MPEG-1 to DIVX Question

Hello, I wanted know if converting a MPEG-1 video to DIVX produces some lost quality, (I know that MPEG-1 lost quality compared with the original DVD). Will get a worst result or the same???, should I be careful with the resize?.

Thanks again,

With each and every conversion of video, there is always SOME lost quality. One just has to minimize the loss by using quality software, and choosing quality over quantity (maintaining a high bitrate). Best test, is to give it a go, view it on your TV or Monitor, and see if the quality is acceptable to you.

Ok, thanks for your answers. Does exist some MPEG-1 codec that I can use in VirtualDub for output the avi files I am working with???. I tried one but made my PC freeze.

There should be quite a few different programs available at I’m not very familiar with mpeg1 stuff.

VirtualDub can deal with mpeg1 by default.

You need VirtualDUBMod to load in your mpeg-1 files

Maybe vdmod is better, but the normal virtualdub can read & deal with mpeg1 too.